Sept. 24 Airport AAR


Air Craft Service Equipment

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 at 10:30am


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Auction Site: 6405 S. Meridian, Oklahoma City, OK 73159 at Will Rogers World Airport. Follow auction signs to our parking area just past fuel tanks and stay on Meridian. Free parking on grass lot across street from auction. Follow auction signs.

MANLIFTS: 2003 Genie model Z45/25, 4,016 hours (gas motor); 1994 Genie model S-60-4WD, 10,638 hours (diesel motor); 2003 Genie model Z-60-34-2WD, 8,222 hours (gas motor); Genie model S-60, 8,307 hours (gas motor); 2002 JLG model 600A,, 5,378 hours (gas motor). These manlifts were used to paint planes and have lots of paint on them. Manlifts do need repairs.

Hydraulic power unit to operate hydraulics on airplanes needs filter repair; (2) ground power units powered by John Deere diesel engines; it runs electric and air conditioning on planes while passengers walk on; Tronair hydraulic tester unit; Tronair engine compressor washer; Clark battery operated 3000lb capacity and charger; air conditioner cart on wheels to cool air plane diesel engine needs repair; North western air craft tow tractor tugger needs transmission repair; (2) 4 wheel trailers to move jet engines; 727 horizontal stab removal equipment to remove tail of plane; (2) flight control balance beams; small air craft shoring; (2) maintenance stands for workers to walk on while repairing planes; (2) H.D. engine stands with adjustable arm stand; engine cowling rack; engine shoring; (4) jet engine stands for different size jet engines; (4) hydraulic air craft jacks 10 & 20 ton; barrel lift attachment for forklift; metal shelving disassembled on pallets; metal shelving pieces; (3) pallets of metal and aluminum parts for scrap. Six (6) large plastic bins on wheels; four (4) stainless steel wire racks on wheels; propeller bench to repair blades on Hamilton-Dehaivland DH7 & DH8 propellers.

EQUIPMENT TRAILER & TRUCK: 2000 Ford F-450 truck with Super Duty 7.3 diesel engine regular cab, auto transmission, and cold air conditioner with 8ft x 11ft flat bed with removable side rails; equipment trailer all metal 14ft plus 2ft dovetail with hinge down ramps pintle hitch 2 axle to haul skid steers, track hoes, backhoes, etc. Trailer and truck sold separate from each other.

AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Not a large auction, BE ON TIME. This equipment is used to overhaul and maintain planes, but some of it could be used for other services such as the jet engine trailers could be used to move round bales of hay. Some equipment could also be used in auto repair shops. We will have a forklift to load you out auction day so bring your truckers and trailers. This will be the first of yearly surplus equipment auctions for AAR Air Craft services.


TERMS ON PERSONAL PROPERTY: Cash or Oklahoma Check, full settlement Auction Day; drivers license to check in, no items leave the building until settled for; out-of-state buyers bring cash, dealers and farmers bring tax exempt permit or pay sales tax; 10% Buyers Premium added to price of each item. Announcements made Auction Day supersede previous announcements. Call us to do your auction.